Snapseed for PC Download Best Photo editor for Windows 10/8.1/7

Snapseed for PC Download Best Photo editor for Windows 10/8.1/7: Photo or image editing has become very common in today’s life. Billions of people are uploading images in their social media accounts every day. The photo editing allows you to add some effects to the image which will make it more attractive and you can easily get the required attention. Snapseed for PC Download allows you to do the best editing with your image with a little effort.

Snapseed for PC Download

Almost all of us use a bit of editing with our pictures before uploading to social media. Be it cropping or lightning the shade or others. We mostly use the inbuilt photo-editor available on our phone. However, with Snapseed for PC Download, you can easily do advanced editing with the images and that is also in a few simple steps.

But before discussing more Snapseed, let us first find out what it is.

What is Snapseed for PC?

Snapseed is photo-editing software that is developed by Nik Software. It allows the users to enhance the quality of the images and to apply filters.

There are millions of people around the world who are using Snapseed apk to edit photos on different platforms. But, in the beginning, the application was launched only for iPad in 2011. Later on, due to its high popularity, it was made available for iPhone devices and then for Android and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Within a small period, Snapseed became a very popular application for picture-editing. It has now over 100 million users and has got 4.5+ stars as a rating 

Snapseed was also named as the iPad App of the year in 2011 by Apple and was among the top 100 best Android App of 2018 which was declared by PC Magazine. 

Nik Software who developed Snapseed was later acquired by Google has developed a wide range of photo filters and plug-in products which are specialized in high dynamic range (HDR) filters. Now Google is continuing to add different tools in the application to increase the capabilities of the application.

Snapseed for PC download

Who Should Use Snapseed for PC 

Snapseed is currently the most popular photo-editing application available in the market. So whether you are a professional photo-editor or an amateur who likes to add some effects in the images to upload it in social media accounts, Snapseed is best for all kinds of users.

Yes, the professional photo editors will be able to extract more from the application; however, using it for the first time is also not a daunting task. The application comes with a complete tutorial that explains every step in detail. You can also find videos in the tutorial section which will show you how to use the different types of effects and others to get the best result.


What Can you Do with Snapseed for PC

With Snapseed, you can do a whole lot of things with the images. With the availability of smartphones, we never stop clicking pictures. Be it a selfie or any other image and we also like to share those with the world through the different social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

The images taken from smartphones have a lot of hiding details in them and those can be easily exposed and used by a proper photo-editing application to enhance the quality of the image. With Snapseed, you no longer need to rely on complex software to get your job done. It requires a few simple steps to bring the best out of the picture. 

How to Use Snapseed for PC

Snapseed is available for iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows platforms. It is currently not available for download in PC. However, you can still use it on your computer without any hassle. With the availability of the emulator’s, you can now use any software or application which is available for Android devices.

Here are the steps to download Snapseed for PC: – 

  • At first, you have to download any quality emulator on your PC. BlueStacks is one of the most common emulators used worldwide. You can follow the below link to download BlueStacks.

  • After downloading the emulator, you can easily find all the applications available for the Android platform from the Play Store.
  • Go to Play Store and search for “Snapseed”.
  • Install the application.
  • After installing the app, you can easily export images from your gallery saved in your PC and do the necessary editing.

Pros and Cons of Snapseed for PC

It is quite obvious that like other applications, Snapseed will also come with its positives and negatives. What makes the application the best is that it is completely free of cost and ad fee too. So, you will not experience any kind of ad pop-ups while you are concentrating on editing the images.

So let’s find out the pros and cons of the Snapseed Applications in details: – 

Pros of Snapseed Application: – 

  • It is completely free of cost. So, in comparison to other expensive photo editing applications in the market, it is a very good option to try out the editing app completely free of cost.
  • It is equipped with professional editing tools. Thus, it helps if you are inexperienced as most of the hard work will be done by the application only.
  • The tools are available in easy to use finger sliders. 
  • Snapseed can easily edit RAW files. Thus, it gives you complete control over how you are going to put the effects.
  • Even if it is the first day of your photo-editing, you will find it much interesting and fun to use the app.
  • Snapseed is not only for amateurs, but millions of professionals are also using this application for editing images.

Snapseed for iPad

Cons of Snapseed Application: – 

  • First-time users may need to spend a bit of time to learn the process of editing.
  • You need to be careful about saving or copying your original image before doing the editing.
  • The integration process with the social network could have been better.

The demand for photo-editing is never going to stop or decrease. So, if you are still stuck with some old-fashioned photo-editing tools, it is the best time to switch for the Snapseed for PC Download.

 How to install the Snapseed on PC?

Everyone likes to click snaps one time or the other just to capture the memories and store them. This trend is coming from ages, to capture pics and store them, but to make them more interesting they are edited. Though all the photos cannot be edited, still some are required to be done. So, this work can be done amazingly through Snapseed for PC.

Features of Snapseed app

Snapseed application has got some wonderful features that have dragged the attention of the users, making it so popular. So let’s have a look at those features which are mentioned below:

  1. Snapseed application is designed with the auto-correct tool, which is one of the best options that corrects the basic needs on its own while clicking the picture.
  2. Another best feature that is embedded in this application is the filters makes the image more awesome.
  3. Through this application, the images angle can be easily adjusted according to the desire of the user.
  4. The GUI of this application is one of the best as it is user-friendly and helps in editing in the best way possible.
  5. Users no need to worry about the blur images, because even this can be corrected using this application and make them attractive to view.
  6. It has got some frames along with borders, stickers that can be used while editing the image to make it look more gorgeous.
  7. This application is provided with another best feature that every user likes to do it that is the sharing the edited images on social networking sites.

Snapseed for Chromebook

How to download Snapseed for PC?

Snapseed for PC is one of the wonderful application, every user likes to use it as the best alternative to the Photoshop application. It is an android app, but still can be used on PC though not available officially using the following process.

  1. The first step is to check if a blue stacks emulator is present in the PC, in case if it is not there then users need to download it first.
  2. Once the Bluestacks emulator is present on the PC, the next step is to search for Snapseed application and download it.
  3. Once the download is completed save this application.
  4. Then in the next step drag and drop this popular app on to the Bluestacks emulator.
  5. Now the users are ready to use it.

Snapseed for PC – Advantages and Disadvantages

Snapseed for PC is one of those photo editing apps that you find it so easy to use that you won’t even believe. This app was developed by Google, so it needs no presentation. This photo editing program for PC allows you to modify brightness, curves, shadows, saturation, and contrast. It is very similar to others, but it makes up for it with quality. This application gives you more control over the images.

Snapseed for Chromebook

Advantages of Snapseed for PC

  • It’s free

It is free, just like many other photo editing apps today. Consider trying this one to see how it goes.

  • Designed for professionals

It is well known that most of the photo-editing programs that Google creates are for regular people who like editing their pictures. In the case of Snapseed for PC, it may contain features and functions a little hard to handle.

  • No ads

Perhaps, one of the best things about this app. Snapseed is a program that will not show you ads while you are working on your pictures.

  • You can edit RAW files with it

This function is very rare in most photo editing apps for PC. We usually zip our pics when they are too many and to reduce space. Snapseed for PC gives you the possibility to edit every pic even if they are unzipped.

Snapseed for iPhone

Disadvantages of Snapseed for PC

  • Complexity

It is not so user-friendly. The app comes with professional-grade and tools that may be a headache for beginners. If you are a newbie in photo edition, remove this program from your “Wish List.” In fact, it is used by amateurs and professionals. However, you can learn to utilize it with time.

Nevertheless, very few people have complained about this. The app allows you to edit images with simple finger swipes. It leads us to the conclusion that its complexity depends on the user.

  • Requires a slight learning process

The application can be cumbersome for some users. If you feel you are quick to learn, try this out. It will always require a slight learning process in the beginning because it includes features that set it apart from others.

  • Problematic save options

For the first time, saving an edited picture can be tricky. You will need to learn where to find the save options in Snapseed not to have issues when you are done editing. It is not the typical photo editing app for PC that displays the SAVE Options in a single button. For this reason, we can say that Snapseeds save options are not very intuitive.

  • Issues when integrating the app with social network

The application should improve the instructions because they are not clear enough. All of the new photo editing app versions must come with the social network integration option for the user’s enjoyment. Snapseed has it, but linking the app to social media is more difficult than normal.

Where you can download Snapseed

Snapseed is compatible with PCs, Android, and iOS, so finding the right device for installation is simple. You can find the application in Google Play and Apple App if you have an iMAC. It also runs on tablets, and iPad, for which it was originally created. All of the Snapseed versions are completely free.

In the above process, Snapseed for PC can be downloaded in a simpler and easy way. So enjoy editing the pictures and save them.

Snapseed for PC Download

Snapseed Alternative – Apps Like Snapseed

Snapseed is viewed as one of the most accessible apps for editing pics on the net. The application features a variety of presets and filters that make them unique. Photographers seek it out very often because of its outstanding RAW support. The application gives you the option to edit the RAW and DNG files without an issue. For this reason, it is considered an app for professional use. Additionally, it eliminates the need to transfer a photo from the PC to a smart device or vice versa for edition. In spite of all of these features, there are Snapseed alternatives that work similarly. Let’s see what they are.

Snapseed Alternative

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Who doesn’t know Adobe Photoshop? Who has never used it? Probably, we all have had the opportunity to make use of this amazing app that rivals Snapseed. It is a rival. With PhotoShop, you can also edit RAW files from a wide range of Asian brands and America like Panasonic, Sony, Epson, Kodak, and many more. Photoshop is famous for its layer-based editing options which combine elements from different images you may have on your PC or phone. Photoshop allows blending, editing colors, as well as giving a bizarre look to the images.


Snapseed for PC Download

Pixlr is another app that comes with the most significant number of editing tools. This is the main feature of this app, indeed. You can edit the pictures manually or automatically. Such ease of use has made Pixlr one of the most-used apps for smartphones and handheld devices like tablets. It is so easy that most teenagers utilize it as their prevalent photo editor for Facebook and Instagram. Among its features, Pixlr enables you to remove areas of the pictures and give them a dramatic look.



Many people have installed it on their phones for editing their Instagram photos already. The app also has a community on which you can share your thoughts and experiences. The platform also allows adding friends and exploring other new editing tools, making it a very accessible app to extend editing knowledge. The application can be installed on iPhones and Android devices. According to reviews, the presets are by far the best feature of VSCO. VSCO provides a preview of the effects before you apply them. It likewise gives you good control over the contrasts and looks to make more attractive pictures. The cleanly arrange arena of its interface lets you do all this.

PhotoDirector Android

Snapseed for PC Download

PhotoDiretor is one of those new apps you should try even though they arrived later in the market. PhotoDirector is pretty charged with tools you will probably not see in Snapseed. If you need to edit an area you don’t like from a pic; this program can help you with this. PhotoDirector has advanced tools for cloning, and it’s worth it to be considered as a Snapseed alternative.


The above-given apps can be used depending on the user’s particular case. These are Snapseed alternatives because most of the tools they have worked similarly but they are not exactly the same. All of them are available for all platforms, so feel free to download Snapseed for PC if you need it.