Snapseed crash | Snapseed not working

By | January 24, 2020

Snapseed crash | Snapseed not working: In the early 21st century, photography had become the trendiest word. Every individual is running after photography which might be a passion for someone or profession. Some individuals want to save their memories of a special occasion through photography. Photography includes lighting, editing, and many more activities. There is various software utilized for the processes involved after clicking picture by the photographer. Snapseed is the most efficient and promising photo editing application software used either in Chromebook, Windows or iOS.

Snapseed crash

It is known as google owned and developed by Nik Software encrypted with all the high-quality features.  Snapseed not working is one of the biggest problems that you will be facing while editing your photographed images. Once, you are down with your editing, and suddenly Snapseed, the best photo-editing tool, stop working with an error message on the screen. Thereafter, to overcome the Snapseed crash, you need to follow different procedures which we will discuss in this article.

Reasons for Snapseed crash:

Snapseed crash is a sudden breakdown of the photo-editing application. According to the analysis and feedback from the users, it’s prevalent in the case of “beta version” of the app. Now, you will have a brief idea about the reasons for Snapseed, which happens due to the following reasons:

  • Update your software in your device: This condition is very common to all the users who are not aware of the steps after any update of the existing application software. Snapseed crashes when you update your software (Snapseed) in your device likely windows, Chromebook or iOS but forgot to download the updates of the concerned software either from play store. To overcome this problem, you need to uninstall the application software from your device and then again install it.
  • RAW file: Many users face the Snapseed crash due to the RAW format of the data. When you import the image file as in RAW format, the image becomes black after enabling all the controls. Thereafter, clicking on the “checkmark” button, Snapseed crashes. 
  • Network issue: When you have an unstable Wi-Fi or cellular data, then the photo-editing software, Snapseed tends to get crashed. Due to fluctuation in the bandwidth of the network, the app starts to malfunction.
  • Memory: The most significant reason behind the Snapseed crash is the storage problem in your device. When you have low space in your device, then before installing Snapseed, you need to free up some space. Otherwise, Snapseed application software may get crashed.
  • HDR scape: Another common reason for the Snapseed crash is HDR scape. Sometimes the application gets hampered immediately after initiating HDR scape or after tapping apply button. The immediate resolution for the cause is to update the Snapseed software to version 2.0, which is available in the play store.
  • White & black filter: In some devices, this white & black filter crashes down the Snapseed software. You can overcome this problem by installing the current Snapseed application software with version 2.0.

Snapseed Google Photos Integration


After a brief study about the Snapseed crash, it’s evident that there are different reasons for the Snapseed crash. It may vary from devices to devices, but if you carefully follow the remedies/ resolutions stated after each cause, you can easily overcome from Snapseed crash.


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